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Small Things in Life

We hear that small things in life lead to greater satisfaction. When we were children we used to look forward to those small things every moment in life. We wait for Christmas celebrations. Small gifts from our relatives, new clothes, visiting dear ones and party at home used to give us lots of satisfaction. We look forward to this occasion for weeks before it arrives and used to enjoy them thoroughly. What happened to the happiness and satisfaction today? We have wardrobe full of new clothes, innumerable gifts and all that we want and many more. Is it that we have grown up that we do not enjoy them more? Or is it maturity? Or have we lost something? Or is it a change process? God only knows.

With the Consumerism growing in this world more than ever before and wealth being created at a rate never before, we are racing ahead in life at a pace unimaginable even 20 years ago. Are we aware that before the second world war there were hardly any commercial planes and it would takes us weeks to go from New York to Sydney or 30 years back it took days to send a document across the Atlantic. Today, these tasks are accomplished in minutes or may be seconds. The technological revolution has improved man’s life and also his expectations.

Today we are not happy with what we have but keep yearning for more. We keep losing the present in search of the ‘illusions’. In this context I was deeply moved by the farewell letter written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a famous Columbian writer and Nobel Prize winner for Literature in 1982 to his son. Please read the attached presentation and let your mind wander and feel the beauty of his simple thoughts. These thoughts are simple but profound and are capable of making changes to our thought process and lives.


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