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Sivaram's Corner

There so are many small "adjustments" we can do to live a better life. Be it on diet, exercise or reading; they require little bit of discipline and determination to make a difference. But the rewards are boundless. We keep referring to adjustments because, when we change certain things, we adopt to those things over a period of time. For example, adding a spoon of honey to coffee instead of sugar is an adjustment. One may not like it initially, but, over few days we adopt to those adjustments; eventually, we start "liking" it and not adding sugar will not bother any more.

There are people who practice those adjustments religiously and reap the benefits. One such practicenor is Mr.P.R.Sivaramakrishnan. A top-notch financial executive, who recently settled down in Coimbatore, India, after living in Dubai, U.A.E, for many years. He will share with us some practical tips to live a better life, without making any dramatic adjustment to our day-to-day lifestyle. We are excited to have him as our feature writer.


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