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Sri Kamalamuni

The following information is available about Sri Kamalamuni in the book " Bogar 7000 " written by siddhar Bogar.

Song 5729: Kamalamuni was born on the Tamil month of Vaikasi (May - June), his birth star being 2nd part of Poosam.

Song 5725: The siddhar named Kamalamuni belongs to Kuravar caste. He lived for six-eight generations.

Song 5841: Kamalamuni is 4000 years and some 300 odd (days) old. He lived in China for a long time.

However, siddhar Karuvoorar in his book " Vadha Kaviyam " (Song 584) says "Maamuni" belongs to " Kannar " caste. He does not explicitly say "Kamalamuni", but mentions "Maamuni". The author of this article does not understand whether Karuvoorar refers to Kamalamuni or not.

Sri Kalangi Nadhar belongs to Kannar caste. Many people believe that Sri Kalangi Nathar is siddhar Kamalamuni. In the 63 rd song of " Kamalamuni Suthiram 76 ", a line says that " Kamalamuni alias Kalangi ". Hence it can me true that Sri Kalangi Nathar is siddhar Kamalamuni himself.

In " Bogar Janana Sasthra ", it is mentioned that Kamalamuni attained samadhi at Madurai . I t is belived that siddhar Kamalamuni attained samadhi at Thiruvavur.


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